Eesti Personaaltreenerite Liit (EPTL) kutsub Sind osalema põnevasse töötuppa Animal Athletics ehk harjutusi loomariigist! Koolitust viib läbi äsja samateemalise raamatu kirjutanud  välistreener Fabian Allmacher  (Saksamaa). Koolitus toimub 25.veebruaril kell 10.00-17.00 MyFitness Rocca al Mare klubis (Haabersti 5, Tallinn).

Sneaking like a lizard, jumping like a frog, crawling on all fours like a beast, „flying“ like an eagle: Animal Athletics is a varied full-body-workout without any equipment to increase mobiliy, strength, coordination and endurance. Additionally, early-childhood developments such as rolling and crawling are part of the concept. It’s the ideal base to recapture natural movement intelligence and be fit again – in an animalistic way. Feel how even the smallest change in a position make a difference to your body. Gain control and discover, how „flowy“ your movements can suddenly be!“

Animals are the born athletes. The combined force of a bear, the running speed of a cheetah or the enormous manoeuvrability of a lizard really amaze us humans.

Animal Athletics is based on these natural moving patterns and enables you to achieve maximal results – without any equipment. It helps you to recapture your intuitional motion intelligence. Backed up with early childhood developments, Animal Athletics forms the basis to increase your mobility, build your strength, improve your coordination and improve your performance in your respective sport disciplines. No matter if it’s for yourself or for you as a coach – you will not want to do without animal athletics with its diverse moving ideas any more!

Animal Athletcis can be your stand-alone training session or a part of various function training concepts to make it more interesting. By offering levels from beginner to advanced, the concept attracts both hobby sportsmen and performance athlets. Neither shoes nor a special equipment or location are needed. In fact, the concepts rather encourages you to do your training in the sand, in the grass or on rocks to train your proprioceptive skills.

The workshop introduces the biggest animal moves. And as a participant, you will get many ideas how you can actually put the different moves together for your training and create flowing circles by yourself.

Note: Many animal moves are performed lying down on the ground. Thus, we recommend wearing long pants and sleeves while you train.

Fabian animal athletics

Theoretical part:
- Understanding the purpose of using animal moves as a human
- Definition of a natural movement intelligence
- Comparison of biomechanics and performance between an animal and a human and its influence on your training
- Understanding the functional anatomy of your hand and your foot as the basis for your on-ground movements
- Mobility of „the three big rocks“ (foot, hip, thoracic spine) for your body, understanding their impact on wellbeing and freedom from pain
- Introduction into topics such as body axis and body levels (on-ground 3D matrix)
- Understanding physiological advantages of on-ground movements
- Ability to build an animal athletics session

Practical part:
- Warm-up for your animal athletics session
- Fundamental movement patterns such as crawling, rolling and other on-ground-based movements
- Basic animal moves with different levels
- From basic animal moves to a full animal athletic workout with different focuses
- Transitions between the basic moves to create a steady flow
- Different breathing techniques while recreation and/or performance
- Mobility drills to increase mobility which forms the base for all strength exercises
- Participation in two master classes
- Technical trainings

Learning objectives:
- Being able to plan and actually do an animal athlectics session
- Understanding the basis to have different focuses in your sessions (performance, mobility, endurance)
- Creation of a training program
- Using animal athletics as warm-up for other trainings or as a training session by itself

Training services:
- Manual to deepen your animal athletcis knowledge
- Certificate of attendance
- Marketing package after successful participation

Target group:
- Fitness trainer and cross-fitters
- Personal trainer
- Athletic trainer and advisor for top athletes
- Physiotherapists
- Active athlets
- Sports scientists

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